I utilize online scheduling but think of it like paper and pencil. Online is so rigid, I want flexibility, but you don't get that with a robot receptionist. Because I need extra time between clients to Covid Clean,  my availability is structured to maximize the workday.

My ideal start times can be reserved online. But, if you need to come in a little earlier than 11:00, you can. Or if you need a little later start than 2:00, on certain days, you can do that too. I schedule those requests personally.

If you want a customized experience, choose from the Add-On Menu. During your consultation, when we discuss your skincare goals and your current homecare, you can enhance your experience by choosing Add-Ons. 

If you are looking for skincare coaching, there are things that you should be doing at home to support your treatment and extend the results.

I want each facial to be better than the last. That's why it evolves and has a life of its own. I stop after dermaplaning and let you get on with your day. But if you want more, I have plenty of extra bells and whistles.

After dermaplaning, the base package finishes with jojoba oil, tiger stones, and sunscreen. If you have extra time and money, you can purchase more extravagant finishes. I always want to add the next step.

After your treatment, your hair may be a mess, but your skin will be radiant. There's a vanity mirror in The Changing Room where you can tidy up after your treatment.


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