Evening Cleansing Ritual

Do you want a reset for your face? If you aren't in love with your skin, try adding some of my products and techniques into your home care. If a double cleanse is good, a triple cleanse is better, right?

Incorporate some of my facial moves into your nightly cleansing ritual.

Taking your makeup off is not the same as cleansing your face. If you are applying your cleanser, wiping it around with your hands, then rinsing it off, that is initial makeup removal. To clear your pores, you should cleanse at least twice — if not more. A traditional double cleanse starts with oil, but I prefer to use my cleanser twice.


If you wear makeup or tinted sunscreen, first apply a dime-size amount of Pure Everyday Cleanser directly onto your dry face by tapping on tiny dots of product over your face and neck. Small taps of product -- whether it's the cleanser, serum, whatever -- distribute the product evenly. Connect the dots. When you need a little slip, then start adding small taps of water to create a lather. The lather may turn the color of your makeup. Remove this product with a sponge or microfiber washcloth. 

Or both. These suggestions are a guide to start thinking about new ways to care for your face. There is no wrong way, but there is a righter way. This post is just me trying to describe what I do during my facial service and how I care for my skin at home.  

Have another round of tapping with water and removing any remaining product with the sponge or washcloth. Rinse the sponge or cloth thoroughly between passes of product removal - concentrated cleanser needs water to expand and activate. Keep tapping on water and moving your hand over your face until you only feel the water, not the slippery cleanser. Repeatedly rinse the sponge or washcloth. Use it to "dry" the face until you see no more signs of makeup. 

If I were to wear makeup, my application would be so light that it wouldn't take more than an initial cleanse to remove it.

However, depending on what kind of makeup you are taking off, it may take a few rounds to remove it altogether. Make sure your face is makeup-free before you use the stone. If you apply cleanser with a significant amount of tinted product still on your face, it muddies the process — you can't see through it to watch what's happening on the skin. And you don't want to press makeup mixed with cleanser deeper into the pore. A deeper pore cleanse requires a thorough makeup removal process before you clear your pores. 

When you’re makeup-free, use another drop of cleanser. Pure Everyday Cleanser is clear and turns whitish when mixed with water. It stands out on the black stone. If you still see a product that is the color of your makeup and not whitish, do some more rinsing and removing before proceeding with the stone cleansing technique. If it's white and not tan, this is the beginning of your First Cleanse.

Basalt massage stones are slightly exfoliating. Use small circular movements to press the cleanser into the pores. A combination of long downward sweeping motions with the rock and your hand not only stimulates the lymphatic system but feels good.

Sunscreen and makeup — especially concealers and foundations — get trapped in the pore. If your pores are larger, it'll take more time to soften the trapped product and natural oils. 

Collagen and Elastin diminish in your twenties. Over the years, your skin gives weaker support for the pore wall. Pores can stretch out from improper cleansing. 

Rinse all the product residue out of the pores. Applying any of your serums, vitamins, or intensives to skin that isn't clean reduces their effectiveness. 

After spending this much time on your face, change your pillowcase each evening. Fresh is best.

First Cleanse

Apply a blueberry-size drop of Pure Everyday Cleanser into your left hand. Tap product onto your face using the fingertips of your right hand. Distribute the cleanser evenly, tapping it over your face, ears, and neck. Connect the taps of the cleanser to make contact with your entire area that you are cleansing. Add a few taps of water to expand the product and activate its ingredients. Place both of your hands onto your face, making complete contact, and slowly work the cleanser into your skin.

Wet the stone and use it to rub the product into the face, neck, and ears. Wet the stone often to keep a nice slip on the skin. Remove the product with wet hands and the freshly rinsed sponge or washcloth. Repeatedly wet your hands and apply fresh taps of water to your face, intentionally pressing into the pore. Wipe, rinse, wipe again, and "dry" your face with the sponge or washcloth until you feel no traces of the cleanser left — usually 4-5 passes.

Second Cleanse

Vitamin Wash is a treatment cleanser containing encapsulated Vitamin E (to heal your skin) and Angelica Root (to constrict the pore size).

Apply a blueberry-size drop of cleanser in the same way — tap it on the evenly distribute it. Massage into your neck (ideally around the back, too), ears (both in the flaps and behind), and face. Rinse, and remove in the same way as in previous steps.

Vitamin Wash is a concentrated cleanser and isn't as easy to rinse off. The more water you add, the more it expands. Use less rather than more when you first start using professional strength products until you determine the appropriate amount.  

Third Cleanse

Tap on a pea-size amount of AHA Cleanser for your third cleanse. It's a medicated cleanser designed to help your skin not only shed its surface layers but also has anti-bacterial properties and helps to prevent breakouts and irritation that can erupt from wearing a mask over your mouth, nose, chin, and cheeks.

Rinse and remove in the same way as in previous steps.

Anytime throughout each step of the rinsing, or even as a pre-soften, you can saturate a washcloth with warm water, wring out and hold it on your face to create a steam environment. It's refreshing to use behind your neck. Hold each end, then move it side to side. Don't forget the back of your ears and inside their folds.

Spend more time on cleansing than anything else in your routine. 

Remember to cleanse inside a wrinkle and under a skin fold with special attention. If you have crepey skin on your eyelids, be gentle, but still, take the sponge over the area — use super light pressure and slow movements. Cleansing is not massaging by using a lot of force; instead, merely light pressure only on the skin's surface.

You want a lot from your face — use intentional moves when cleansing. It's a date with your face. It's the ultimate Me Time. Play music. Dance while you're massaging in your cleanser. Smile. Think about fun stuff. Try doing your evening cleansing at sunset. Don't wait until later in the evening; you could be too tired to do a thorough job. I know I am. 

There are several ways that you can get these date-your-face products - but it all starts with calling me to set it up. I can bring the products to your car, you can come in and pick them up, or I can have them delivered.

We can zoom or FaceTime if you want a coaching session to reset your routine. Call me — we'll talk about where you are in your cleansing rituals. I'll meet you wherever you are in your product journey and help guide you toward healthier skin.


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