Vitamin Wash, Jojoba Oil, and Covershield Sunscreen are great initial products to try that cover the basics. 

I change my routine every few weeks because I love combining different protocols. Some of my constants are cleansing, removing my products with a sponge, and steaming my face with microfiber towels. The details depend on what time of year it is and what time of the evening I wash my face. If it's at sunset, I'm likely to do an extravagant routine. If it's after 10:00, I'm a basic girl. 

One of the things that I do to prolong the amount of time that I work on my face is play music. Because I'm creating a routine, I associate certain songs with certain steps. A playlist creates a flow, forces a vibe, and I know what's coming next. It helps make my evening cleansing more like a date with my face.

You can purchase trial-size products and are invited to wash your face with me over Zoom or Facetime. Having someone there with you when you're using new products and introducing new techniques can be quite eye-opening for both of us.

It's nice to ask questions in real-time and have someone who is monitoring how you're doing it. It's the best way for me to meet you where you are and make appropriate suggestions.

Basic Skincare         full/trial


Vitamin Wash         22/4.50


Jojoba Oil


Stones         6/8/10

Sponges                 10/1

Microfiber Cloths                 2

Extravagant Skincare


AHA Cleanser         34/4.50

Pure Everyday Cleanser         34/4.50


Clarifying Prep Solution         34/4.50

Conditioning Prep Solution         34/4.50

Boosting Pads

Age-Defying         72/4.50

Clear Skin         63/4.50

Skin Bright         72/4.50


Calming Relief Balm         55/6

Vitamin D Complex         76/9

Transforming Skin Complex         44/5.25

Skin Hydration Complex         53/7


Superfruit Enzyme         39/4.75

Deep Thermal         33/4.25


Clarita-Bac Complex         51/5.75

Blemish Clarifying Complex         50/6

Brightening Serum         49/18

Even Out Dark Spot Corrector        69/8.50


Intense Firming Complex 120/21.50

Refinishing Complex 58/7.50

Refinishing Plus Complex 72/8.75

Triple C Vitamin Therapy                 98/18


Ultimate Eye Lift System         100/18

Rejuvenating Peptide Gel Mask      15

Eye Peptide Gel Mask         10


CoverShield Face         38/5

CoverShield Body         76/5

Prime&Defend         50/6

Travel Kits

Acne Essentials         64

Recover Post-Procedure 64

Skin Essentials         64

Skin Savers         64


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